Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maybe, if we called it CSI: Jericho...

I posted this at CBS.com: We viewers are aware that canceling Jericho is based on speculation that the show will be unprofitable in the long run. The promise of passionate support isn't enough to save it or make you believe that you've made a mistake. Proven formulas work. The CSI trend is successful because the show's original concept was innovative for dramatic TV, even though viewers had already seen similar stories in documentaries on other channels. Therefore, creating other CSI shows is understandable. The same can be said for Survivor and Amazing Race. Reality shows are successful, although it took a while for Amazing Race to catch on. Fans of that show are extremely passionate and loyal. The same can be said for Stargate. Once that show moved to Sci Fi, it did better than ever. The viewers of Jericho are more likely fans of shows such as Heroes and Lost. We fans must wonder what CBS didn't do to support its own show. We fans have no doubt that CBS may never realize how lucrative Jericho could've been. A new show such as Pirate Master may be successful but more likely will never surpass the initial success of Survivor. The show that brings in overwhelming ratings must have an innovative concept - that requires risk (time and money). Meanwhile, we fans must remain content with formula shows.


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