Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1st post of the year!

It's been awhile, but since only a few of my peoples actually read this damn thing, I can't give myself too much of a hard time. Anyway..this has been a hard year. Some good people close to me have passed away, and it really makes you think about your life, and where you are going with it. I am not so much of a deep introspective person, but with the death of my friend Joe Davis, I have been pushed to internalize, and contemplate what matters to me, and what I want most for myself.
My day job consumes my life, long hours, overtime...leaves little time for things I enjoy. Comics!!!! So I am going to try damned hard, not to let other life issues get in the way of the things that I enjoy doing. Drawing, and comics. I still have to work and pay bills mind you, but I will make a stronger effort to do what I love. With that said...I am scanning, lettering, and halftoning the new Blood Shed Comic. We are putting it on the web along with it's spin off series the Phactor. So stay tuned...more to come.


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