Thursday, July 20, 2006

Funky Fresh, and yes yes yallin!

I met Jamar Nicholas a few years back at the Small Press Expo, I was pushing Blood Shed issue 0, and he was pushing the Jamar Chronicles. I was really impressed with this dude, and enjoyed his book. Not too long ago he created this character called Detective Boogaloo, I love this webcomic, I love the characters, I love the old school hip hop vibe. Mike Wieringo did a sketch of Det. Boogaloo, and it was awesome! It inspired me to do a little sketch, my joint aint know where near as good as Wieringo's, or Jamar's, they are both fantastic artists, but I was inspired so I thought I would sketch something up. So here it is. If you wanna check out Jamar's Blog hit the link at left.

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