Thursday, May 12, 2005

Busy and tired!

I have not posted since saturday. I have been a little busy this week. I have had a a serious computer problem, I plugged in my new USB scanner, and my vaio went out like a light bulb. The tech shop, had to end up sending it off to Sony for fixing. Good thing I got plenty of old computers lying around. I have a damn graveyard for old computers in the studio closet. So I just dug out an old laptop, and I'm back in business using this old HP, until sony sends my joint back to me.

The day job is keeping me busy, and working on the new issues of Blood Shed at night leaves me with little sleep. I am also tryin to workout at the GYM a bit, cause life behind the drawing table without excercise will cause the space between your belly, and the edge of the drawing board to decrease severly! So trying to do the GYM, the day job, and the comic, is tiring me out a bit. I will be posting some new stuff to the site soon, as well as some pics here. It's damned beautiful outside. Hate to be inside on a day like this, but one has to work.


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